Vision in Motion

Don’t worry about having enough money, just write the vision. Don’t worry about your fears, just write the vision. We need to understand the season of life we are in. Don’t write the problem, the obstacle, the need or lack, just write the vision.

Don’t let your lack dry up your pen! Write your purpose, your goals, make your vision board – take your focus off where you have been and stretch your faith towards where you are going! Stop rehearsing the pain from your past. Now, after you write it, read it and REMIND yourself where you’re headed! Then, run after it passionately! I can’t run toward your vision and you can’t run toward mine because mine was written out for me, not for you. It’s not for either of us to even understand fully because when you walk in purpose and you align yourself with God’s word and purpose for your life, the blessings and favor will overtake you! Stop explaining and complaining about the timing.

“Though the Vision is for a future time…it will be fulfilled.” Habakkuk 2:3

God has ordained opportunities for you but don’t lay down and wait for them to come to you. Get up and run after them, put in the work!
You never know another person’s journey. Celebrate their victories and wait for yours to come.

 Don’t do anything in your own power because, if you do, you are bound to feel exhausted. You must walk by faith. I am in the season in my life where I am diving! My lifeguard is there to revive me and breathe life when I think I’m drowning! I’m a faith Olympic champion! In full training mode and ready to receive the next medal!

God can give you blessings that make you uncomfortable! Yep, that’s right! Being in the limelight makes me feel much anxiety!

What I’m learning is to stop walking in who I was but to walk in who I am becoming! (Shout out to Michelle Obama for this amazing book I recently finished reading, very inspiring.)

I declare I’m doing it afraid! That’s not a negative confession, that’s just truth! What makes me secure in going forth is the fact that it’s a God-ordained mandate. His track record has proven to be PERFECT, so it’s on! I’ve decided to put down my lack of confidence and hold my Daddy’s leg tight as He carries me to the next level! I tell you the truth, I find safety with my life vest (Jesus) on because I will never drown as long as I don’t fight the process and calling. There’s no growth in comfort! I’m ready to grow and go!

3 thoughts on “Vision in Motion”

  1. So many areas I can apply this truth.
    Father help me to confidently make thoughtful choices as I pursue my vision. Allow me to recognize it as your plan for me. Master, guide me to complete it without hesitation, but to do so according to your vision and all for your glory. Amen

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