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"I share my story to bring God glory."

"I share my story to bring God glory."

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Mrs. Patrice Baker
Patrice Baker has always had a unique anointing on her life. Even as a young child, her mother recognized there was something special about her daughter. While public speaking is not her first choice, she allows God to take center stage as she embraces her calling. Patrice remains passionate about sharing her life as a way of helping others and ultimately bringing God glory. As one who has kept a journal her entire life, she began sharing some of her entries via email to encourage her friends and family. What began as a small correspondence to 12 friends and family has grown to more than 500 people who are consistently moved by her words. 
As she surrenders to the platform God has given her, she is adamant about being obedient to Christ’s leading and is humbled by His desire to speak through her. 
Patrice has been married to her favorite pastor/teacher and best friend for 33 years, Pastor Darryl Baker of Destiny Ministries. They have three children (Twins-Darryl Jr., Dionna and Jasmine) & five amazing grandkisses.

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Pain to Promise

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Higher Purpose - Lady Patrice Baker

Higher Purpose

Can you actually love your enemies? My response is that it’s very hard because your flesh wants to react to the foolishness, but then who

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