Stinking Thinking

Sometimes our greatest conflicts are not conflicts at all. Many times, they’re misunderstandings based on misinformation that can cause us to resent someone who never really meant to harm us. To get to the next level in our lives we need to deal with personal conflict in a way that honors God. Harboring it, thinking on it, replaying the scenario in your mind, talking to others based on assumptions, and not knowing the facts cause serious damage in ANY relationship. Be careful that you don’t become arrogant in your “thoughts,” especially when there’s no proof – just because you think it doesn’t mean that it’s true. People can become the prosecutor, jury, and the judge all over presumptive thoughts. 

So unfair and so ungodly. 

If we don’t get our minds and hearts together, we’ll continue this pattern in every relationship. It will ruin your mental, physical and, most importantly, your spiritual walk with Christ.

God is ready to release His blessings and sometimes what’s keeping you from receiving it is stinking thinking! Change your mindset, change your heart. 

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. If you add a strand to a single cord, you double its strength. But if you add a third strand to the cord, it becomes ten times stronger.

Yes, friends, family, marriage will hurt you. You will have wounds that may need to be addressed. We should wear thick emotional gloves when it comes to handling any type of relationships. It is a fatal mistake to assign the responsibility for our happiness to ANYONE. Depending on a relationship to make us happy sets us up for failure in any relationship and positions that relationship for inevitable destruction! 

1 Peter 4:8 says it well: “Love covers a multitude of sins.” In this verse, “cover” literally means to “hide or overlook” the faults. We know the weaknesses are there in our relationships, but we can choose to love anyway. Every relationship has some kind of price tag attached to it. We just need to get to the place where love covers the cost.

Father, I want to thank You for being the ultimate Friend. You have never let me down or turned away from me – even when I have turned away from You. Please help me be the kind of friend You want me to be so that Your love can flow through me and into my relationships.

7 thoughts on “Stinking Thinking”

  1. ❤️Yes our thoughts can also turn into actions. We have to be begin to think about what and how we’re thinking.

  2. It takes a great deal of grace to give others the benefit-of-the-doubt…. but if we did, all the time, imagine how much better we would feel! Any “slight” against you, if served with a portion of grace, would be so inconsequential. Great words for today! <3

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