Compromising With God

Have you ever had a conversation with God? Well, I did! He told me where he was elevating me to in 2019 but, for some reason, He decided to give me a sneak preview. 

I said, “Ok, I will do it afraid in 2019. So what’s up with the sneak preview?” I guess it was to test me to see if I would really walk on the water. So, being the obedient person I am, I did it with a smile.

I wish I could say I was so compliant and obedient. But I wasn’t. I was not happy with what he showed me. I had major attitude followed by many excuses and thought He’d succumb to my rant over why it’s not fair that He would push me out the next before our scheduled agreement. He actually turned His back and said, “Do it or else,” so I had to say, “Yes, Sir.” The choice was mine. He wasn’t going to make me do it and He definitely wasn’t going to accept the excuses. I was trying to buy myself more time! I clearly believed he said 2019, not December 2018. This was me in a nutshell:

  1. I heard from God.
  2. I didn’t like the assignment
  3. I tried to run in the other direction.  (Even though God told me to trust the process and just do it afraid!)

I’ve run from this calling way too long! I felt in my spirit God saying, “Do you want to be hardheaded like Jonah?” Sometimes, it’s ok to learn from others’ hard lessons! I decided to accept the calling. Now that I’ve accepted it, some might think, ok, smooth sailing! Nope! Not at all!! The enemy decided to sit right on the rooftop of my home and attack just about everything that concerns me and my family! So, I decided to go on a spiritual fast! 

Perhaps you are running as well. You’re trying to get as far away from your Nineveh—the thing that truly scares you, the thing that you know God is leading you toward, the thing you don’t really want to do. I have run away from so many things in my life. But maybe one of these days I will have grown enough in my faith that I will immediately say “Yes, Lord” when he gives me instruction.  

What seems impossible to me is exactly what God wants me to do so that I will learn, and grow, and draw closer to Him as I work on understanding His purpose for my life.  

Jonah is one of the shortest books of the Bible but so powerful. Please read it and tell me you don’t see yourself in Jonah’s thoughts, fears, actions and his initial response to God’s call for his life. What is your Nineveh? Ask the Lord to help you work through your fears, anger and maybe even rebellion.

 Instead of running from it like most of us scared people do, look at it as running towards your purpose and maybe it’ll propel you to persevere.

9 thoughts on “Compromising With God”

  1. I love your wisdom,and strength to say ,yes even when afraid,you are encouraging us all .

  2. Cosetta Irma Black

    It’s amazing how God is speaking through you each time I read your blog. This is so encouraging for me, keep it up.

    1. When we trust God with everything, relinquishing our insecurities, He does the miraculous! Thanks for your feedback and I trust hope and pray that you will continue to listen and obey! Faith walking is scary & liberating!

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