Ain’t nothing worse than somebody trying to do your job, the one you were created to do. Stop being “team takeover!” Stay in your lane! Every time we go to bed, we humbly admit once again that the world will be fine without us for a while.

God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves as we sleep. He provides for our needs and protects us. So, stop trying to help God do what He does best! My job is to pray. His job is to execute. My hours of operation are sunup to sundown and His are 24/7 because He never sleeps! Sometimes I get written up on my job for a lack of faith. God is the best manager because He sees the best in me and keeps allowing me time to improve so I can raise my performance level. When I don’t perform well, God has an open-door policy: I can come in at any time, no appointment necessary!

I believe that sometimes God waits for us to get tired so He can get to work. I mean, it’s easier to save a person if they are yielded. So, for those who have tried and tried and prayed and prayed and still haven’t seen the providence of God, maybe God’s waiting for you to get tired so He can do His thing. RIP (rest in peace)! Prayer is work and work makes you tired.  And since you’re tired, get some rest. If God is taking care of everything, you can doze off.  Sleeping allows you the privilege of not seeing what goes on. Some of us are just too nosy for our own good. Just gotta be all up in God’s business when he keeps telling you, “I got this.”

Recently, my husband wanted to come do our 30+ years ritual where he prays over me and rubs my back to calm me. However, this was the first time in the history of us being married that I refused it. I’d just read Psalm 3:5-6, I laid down and rested with such peace. When I awoke, I said Lord I relinquish it all! I’m so tired. I’m so mentally and physically tired! I need your rubdown. I need your sweet sleep. I’m asking so desperately. I want to perform well and I can’t do it with all these burdens that I continue to carry. I need physical rest. I want to hear from you without the distraction of insomnia. I need your touch. Will you massage my worries away? I’ve interfered in your business long enough. I’m not even qualified to do your job and I apologize for being team take over, for not staying in my lane. I will rest now. You got this.

When we sleep, we are saying in the spirit of faith that God will protect his Anointed and all those anointed in Him. Life is short. We should get some sleep!

I slept like a baby!

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  1. This is so on time sis I started this job and have been so stressed out i was just talking to God about it before I read this. Saying these exact words God I surrender it to you . Thank you

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