Daddy/Daughter Day

I’m sure most of you mothers out there have had mommy and me days with your children. I’ve had many and to be honest I still do it even though my kids are now adults. This summer I had the opportunity to take my son in love on our first date. It was great! No distractions. Just both of us learning more about each other. We enjoyed it so much we decided to pencil in another one on the calendar. All my children and grandkisses have dates scheduled with me for the remainder of this year. There is nothing like it.

Well, today JESUS and I had a wonderful time together. We went to the doctor’s office together. Due to COVID my husband is not allowed to go with me so my Daddy said He would ride with me. He’s the best comforter ever. When the doctor told me what was going on with my body, Jesus whispered to me, “Just smile and thank him, you know who I am right? I’m Jehovah Rapha, God, your healer. No worries, we are going to let him see the diagnosis change.”

After the news I sat on the table and my Daddy said, “Call the spa, make you an appointment for today. I want to take you on a date.” I said, “Well Lord, that’s all good and dandy and I know you are with me in spirit but um…where I like to go costs a lot of money and I don’t know that it’s wise to spend money on something like this right now.” He response was, “Do you know who is taking you on a date? I’m El Shaddai. I will supply all your needs! Right now, you NEED some TLC. You have poured out and now I’m ready for you to lay back and relax so I can talk to you just a little bit more.”

I said, “I thought it was me being in the flesh when I went into my husband’s wallet and took his pretty black card this morning while he was sleeping.” His reply was “Yeah you were in your flesh, but no worries, your Daddy has you covered. I will cover the tab. You just give them that card at the end of your experience. Don’t you know that you’re God’s Girl?!! You’re the apple of My eye! I got you!!”

 And boy did I have a good 6-hour treatment. I fell asleep during this amazing 90-minute hot stone massage and it felt like I slept 8 hours! When the masseuse was done, I felt 0% pain. My Daddy told me that He told her to step aside, He had it from there! Jehovah massaged the stress and burdens away and promised me that the remainder of this day was all taken care of. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, He took me to my favorite restaurant, and I had the best seat on the patio. He said order three cherry Pepsi’s, two orders of sweet potato fries and two sandwiches. I was obedient. I already knew one was for me and the other for Him. As I was eating, He said “Go ahead, eat mine as well!” I bout fell out of the chair because God knows I wanted all of it! I ate so much, and it was the best that sandwich had ever tasted because I was with my Daddy, my BFF!! The lover of my soul! My Healer and my Provider.

You should let Jesus take you on a date. I know I’m the apple of His eye but when He is with you, He will make you feel the exact same way! Try it. You will like it.

Daddy and Me day! The best day ever!

15 thoughts on “Daddy/Daughter Day”

  1. This is such a sweet and beautiful reminder of how much our Daddy loves us!!😍😍😍 I soo enjoyed reading this!

      1. Love this, and a date with my Daddy is just what I feel that I need. Thank you for sharing your date with us.

  2. Matika Garrison

    Lady Patrice Baker!! God has sent you to remind us that we are HIS!! We are His to take care of ….no matter what the doctors report says…we are His no matter what the “little voice” keeps telling us. We are His!! Thank you for being a constant reminder of Who’s We Really Are.
    Love you to Life My First Lady!! 💝

  3. Your words paint a wondrous landscape. I could see it all being played out in hi def.
    Oh, yeah, and we know you are right; the doctor is about to see who God is with that imminent and divine diagnosis change to come.
    Thank you in advance, God. 🙌🏾

  4. Wonderful! Thank you for this inciting reminder that our Heavenly Father is in control and we need to always find time to bask in His glory!

  5. Where’s my Black Card! 😂😂
    Loved the imagery of you and Your “Daddy” sharing a meal. He longs for our presence like we should His. Above everything else, His physical presence is what we’ll enjoy most
    about eternity!

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