A Bump In Life

The grace of God shines brightest through the cracks of desperation and need.

I tend to have moments where I am self-righteous and unforgiving. Yep, the pastor’s wife, God’s girl, the apple of His eye. That’s me. I may not broadcast it to the world, but I have been the self-righteous judge. What an ugly sin to have. Mercy for me and justice for others. When your sins are revealed you just want to take a spiritual bath. Cleanse me Lord! Make me new! Hide me under the shadow of the Almighty. Who am I? I don’t have a heaven or hell to send anyone to. I need God’s grace just like every other person. I have sinned, I will continue to sin, will God throw me away?

What if the sin(s) I’ve committed would cause others to see that God is drawn to the imperfect? What if I offer the same grace that God extends to me? What if I faced each person’s sin with a tiny version of the love God wants to pour out on them?

I am a very proud grandma of 5 beautiful babies. As I write this devotional my eyes sting. The love that I for them makes my heart swell. I would forgive them of anything. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them. My first grandson knows this. He looks like me and his dimples melt me. He sings my name like a beautiful melody. The other day he was being disciplined by his parents and he called out, as he often does, “Grandma, I want grandma!” I run to his rescue and his mom holds him tighter. I wanted to punch her and rescue my baby. Off in the distance, his dad stood and beckoned for him to come. My heart said please, no, don’t. He calmly called him, my prince cried, and his dad took him by the hand and led him to the nursery. I rolled my eyes so hard at my daughter. After an hour or so, my son in love returned to the room. My sweet, perfect (but imperfect) grandson came and repented to his mom which lead to repentance to everyone in the room. He said in his sweet two-year-old voice, “I’m so sorry.” Can you imagine God doing that to us? Holding us by the hand, taking us away, gently scolding us but embracing us and lovingly forgiving us? We have sinned but he doesn’t throw us away! NO MATTER WHAT.

The world thinks the church is about behavior modification when it is about a heart transformation. When we get our hearts right our behavior will follow suit. Will we always do the right thing? Child, please! That sounds wonderful. We just try hard not to practice sin. We strive to do what is right. We won’t embrace sin, but we will embrace grace.

Your bump in life may be a baby conceived before marriage or self-righteousness and unforgiveness. Redemption is available and it reaches into the darkest places, That’s the extravagant grace of Jesus.

16 thoughts on “A Bump In Life”

  1. Thanks for the chuckle😁
    I didn’t miss the point in your message of God’s redemption and love for us, (and trust, I could stand to look in the mirror more often myself)
    But, I thoroughly enjoyed your mentions of Prince and his antics, especially how he knew to take refuge under your wings. So cute. Love his spartan attire.

  2. Matika Garrison

    That is just as real as God’s Love and Grace gets!!! He who forgives others can be forgiven too!!

    Love the reminder of His Everlasting Grace!!

    Thank you!!

  3. The reality of the grace of God must be declared louder and louder, the world over! I understand the human side of us that wants to love and comfort, especially to our grand babies. However, your covering and protection from correction would not have allowed him to learn a larger lesson. Everyone grew from the Father’s instruction in love for his son. Afterwards, the love was more secure for all to see! How magnificently God loves us in the same way. Grace covers!!
    Thank you for sharing your transparency.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Having raised 3 children of my own I definitely know the importance of correction but I tell you the truth Lynn- I AM A SOFTY haha! I knew better and know better and at the end of the day their words ring much louder than grandma’s. I have many weak moments with each of them but they know when grandma means business as well. ❤️

  4. The best one yet, Treasy. This is what the world needs to hear now……dig even deeper and what hearts transform.

  5. Darlene Liddell-Smith

    Awesome revelation! I got the message; I understand the grandmother role — a role that, if left alone, would thrive in the wrong direction. God loves us even more than that — there is no greater love. Even when He chastises us, He does it in love whereby the message is received, the lesson is learned and we are restored upon repentance! I love it!!

  6. Judy Washington

    I am so appreciative that you are so real about issues that we may or may not be dealing with at the moment, but the message is to identify the things we know in our heart that need correcting and relinquishing to God. Thanks for the reminder that we just have to call it like it is. And, thanks for being such a great example for us. Loved the analogy that you used for your grandson.

  7. Thanks for this wonderful REAL example of God’s grace! And thank you for being REAL and transparent. It ain’t the easiest thing being a pastor’s wife, the spotlight on you as you sin and suffer like everyone else. I can attest to that! But thank God for his everlasting grace! It never runs out!! And your testimony here helps others to see that we too as pastor’s wives are vulnerable to the enemy’s traps. We too have to “die to self” daily and seek His face. God bless you sis!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Lady Carolyn! I’m sometimes too transparent but if I can help someone else then God’s job in me is so worth it! Love and miss you! Can’t wait for this pandemic to be over so that I can visit! It was truly my plan to come your way this year but definitely can’t chance it! This too shall pass! In Jesus Name! Blessings to you and your ministry! ❤️

  8. Oh Treasy, you have always been such an exemplary example of God’s Grace, passion, mercy and favor! Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspirational posts. I may not keep in touch as often as I should but you are always on my mind, in my heart and covered in my prayers. I love you dearly my sweet friend 🙏🏽💖💞.

  9. Darryl Baker (the improved one) Jr.

    This is so poignant in so many ways. In this season of cancel culture, it is easy to judge others (present and historical) based solely on their sins. There is a delicate balance between holding ones to account and extending them grace. This was a balm to a heart that has grown evermore weary in this climate of calling for change and pursuing justice.

    Justice for justice’s sake is nothing more than a vein pursuit of self-righteousness. This same self-righteousness which our Lord tells us is still as filthy are bloodied rags.

    But when we pursue justice while possessing the willingness (what’s more, seeking out the opportunity) to extend God’s amazing and unfathomable grace, the end achieved is one wherein man cannot be praised for laudable acts but when were all glory and accolades are hurled exhaustively to God.

  10. Elizabeth S. Quiñones

    Can you imagine God doing that to us? ~ This really hit deep! Thank you so much for reminding us of this Greatest Love that we have been graciously been given by our Heavenly Father! Thank you so much my sister in Christ for sharing this beautiful analogy with us! One Love!

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