World Changer

If you think you have to be perfect for God to use you, you’re wrong.

God is looking for crazy, unbalanced, flawed people so He can give them HIS stamp of approval. Even if you’ve been to prison, served jail time, lied on someone, had an abortion, or cheated on your spouse, God doesn’t count you out. He died just for you, the lowest of the low. He would do it all over again, just for you. So, don’t believe any of those lies that the enemy continuously feeds you, he only wants to keep you stuck in your past.

We all have similar stories; the details may vary but the purpose remains the same:

God said on August 31, 1966 (insert your birthday), I am creating Patrice (insert your name) with some gifts and talents, but I will include a lot of flaws and a longing for Me. Patrice will experience many failures and successes in her life. She may be tempted to boast in her victories, but I will incline her to look to Me. And when she feels defeated, I will remind her that she is victorious and an overcomer. My mission will be accomplished, and I am creating my darling girl to be a participant.

Yep, I’m that important and impactful on earth. Every day I mess up, but I get daily make-up tests, so I never flunk. He created grace specifically for me. Get this: even after I mess up, He still tells me that I’m good.

There are a lot of impersonators in this world, but everyone is unique and one of a kind.  God created only one Michael Jackson; there are those who imitate him, but there’s only one Michael. CeCe Winans has an angelic voice and I have sung many of her songs at church, but I will never be able to sing like her. I’ve given lots of gifts, but God created one Oprah and while I desire her coins, I know that I’m not her. I’m a designer’s original, which can’t be duplicated. It’s just impossible. No need to covet others’ gifts and talents. Their assignments are not yours, so work with what you’ve got, and watch God shine through you.

So, go about your day knowing that you were created on purpose, for a mission. You can’t accomplish this mission on your own, but the master designer Himself put His stamp of approval on you that can’t be erased. Prove to the world that you’re God’s prized possession. If they reject you, just find solace in the fact that your Daddy is cheering you on. Because of Him, you can be confident in your abilities and you can excel, despite your inabilities.

Have a super fantastic day, you world changer!

5 thoughts on “World Changer”

  1. Arieta McIntosh

    I’m so encouraged after reading this, knowing God can use me despite my flaws!
    Thank you for your words of encouragement & wisdom

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