The Right Fit

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. (Psalm 37:23-24)

I was determined to look smashing for my daughter’s wedding. She and I carefully planned it out because I’m the budgeting queen and ultimate planner. At the time my husband was laid off his job, but Jesus and I had it all covered! I was recently new to the job force. Having stayed home to raise my children, I created jobs throughout the years. God and I made my resume look great, but the Favor factor knocked down doors of opportunity for me. I worked a job that folks with years of experience and bigger degrees had. I was the right fit for what they were looking for! Favor is so much more valuable than money! 

I wanted to give my daughter her dream wedding, but I had to do it on a budget. No one would ever believe what I paid for this elegant wedding! Let me just brag on God for a moment. She didn’t want a traditional cake, so I went to my local bakery and the chef and I came up with beautiful cupcakes to serve.

The venue was downtown overlooking the water and our beautiful skyline was even more spectacular through these massive windows at sunset. I scheduled many events at this location for my job, so I was able to receive a huge discount! I used to sell and make floral arrangements, dating back to my college days. So, I worked closely with my local florist to create an assortment of arrangements for my daughter’s big day! 

My husband loves surprises so almost everything I did he knew nothing about. The only exception was the venue and he was SHOCKED at the price! My baby sister is an event planner so when I called to tell her what the price was for the venue she immediately said “It’s a steal, snatch it up before they realize what they just said they’d do for you!”During all the wedding planning, I was a curvy girl! For an entire year, I worked out seven days a week to get fit. It took me a year to get into this dress AND without a girdle! Purchased two years prior, I was determined to fit into this $48 dollar dress which just happened to be one of her colors in the wedding! It was the right fit!

As devoted as I was to plan this wedding & get fit throughout the course of a year, we must be devoted to our spiritual fitness and health in the same way. I worked hard to lose the weight and stay on a budget. I honestly asked God to be with me on this journey and He honored my request because I never stopped honoring him with my time, talents and treasures. I said all of this to brag on Jesus and to also motivate you to discipline yourself. Honor God more, trust Him more! He will blow your mind! He will take your little and make it HUGE! Get fit mentally, physically, financially and, most importantly, SPIRITUALLY!

6 thoughts on “The Right Fit”

  1. Good morning, What an awesome story, thank you for the encouragement.
    Today I choice discipline!

  2. Cosetta Irma Black

    Wow, thanks for sharing. It was just what I needed to today. I am in the process of making a major move to another state. I believe that God has directed my husband and I that it is time. when I look at our finances and what is before us, I know it will take a miracle from God to pull it off. I’m not worried because God is a miracle working God. Hearing your story is a confirmation of that. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Those big days can often break a family’s budget. Good for you for being a good steward of your family’s money AND showing us how the favor of God blessed your daughter’s big day. You put in hard work, Sister, and look at what God turned that into! A gala!

  4. This is so encouraging. I love it. Hard work with the Lord is worth every all the blood, sweat, and tears you endure. Thank you for bragging on Jesus.

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