Love Potion

What might happen if the entire world was one heart, one voice, one vision, and one purpose? We would have a sneak peak and a glimpse of heaven. If we were all united, there’s a chance the world might yet believe.

 ..Then they’ll be mature in this oneness, and give the godless world evidence that you’ve sent me and loved them in the same way you’ve loved me.
John 17:23

I would just love to experience this for 24 hours. To walk in love and to see the good in all people.

When I was a little girl I remember playing a board game called Life, This game attempts to mirror life events many people go through from going to college, raising a family, buying a home, working, and retiring. 

This was probably the worse game I ever received from my Grandma Emma! Too much pressure, the game was too long, and I didn’t understand how to navigate through “life.” There were just too many rules, decisions and options. Pretty much like real life as an adult! 

The enemy wants to divert our focus from the unseen wrestling match. He doesn’t want us to strike at the source that is actually casting the shadow. But the truth is, people have not targeted you, even though at times it may feel that way. Something far more cunning and ancient has you is in its sights. The enemy strives to create and continue the division among all of us, especially believers. He wants to distract us and get us off course because he is afraid of the power we carry. We honestly need to stop being easy prey for him. Just imagine him as he really is: a toothless cowardly lion or a snake with no venom. He disguises himself as something very powerful but you have to know that when God said “greater is HE that is in YOU,” He meant it!! You have the power to cast out thought that do not line up with scripture, so all power is in your reach!

 We are engaged in a battle every single day of our lives. Every day! 

Without an understanding that it is a spiritual battle, this is what we end up doing: we aim at those with whom we are meant to fight alongside, causing division and undermining our ability to fight our true adversary. 

Yes, the enemy works THROUGH people, but we have to see the enemy at work and not the person. Without faith, we won’t ever understand this. Too much logical thinking will just throw this out the window and our smart selves (NOT) will begin to intellectually take over (we walk by faith and not by sight). Division has many faces and one goal: DESTRUCTION! Yes, someone hurt your feelings, yes someone lied on you, and yes someone stole from you. But don’t get stuck in your pain! See it for what it’s worth. Ok, so all of this happened to you. How long are willing to keep letting it rob you of the victory that you can so easily have. We make it so hard, all of us! God puts a little fight in all of us. 

So, let’s play a game for one day. Just one day! (I was going to say a week but this is a hard one so let’s take baby steps.) For 24 hours let’s choose “love” to cover:

  1. A nerve wrecking co-worker
  2. A clerk with a bad attitude 
  3. A boss 
  4. The annoying phone call (s)
  5. The driver (s) who don’t need to be driving ever in life
  6. The child, spouse, close friend (etc.) who is getting on your last nerve
  7. Mundane day to day rituals
  8. Unsolicited advice
  9. Negative people 

Basically all of the daily annoyances, you know what they are. Choose to find the good in the annoying or bad situations and let love cover it! Yeah I know, your coworker is Satan’s first cousin. I totally get that. But let’s just try it for 24 hours and journal how it goes. Then share it with me! There’s strength in numbers and knowing that someone else is fighting with you is encouragement in itself!

I will definitely share with you how I did, whether it’s good or bad!  

Who needs Cupid’s arrows when you have Jesus’ love? 

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