It’s Time

God has made everything beautiful in its own time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

Everything we go through in life has purpose and value. When my health is challenged, I know that God will eventually bring something beautiful out of it. When my bank account says one thing and my needs says another, that’s when God sends people to bless my socks off! God says that all things work together for our good so why do we faint when adversity presents itself? What you go through is not meaningless, you’re being conformed to the image of Christ. The key is to not faint. Stay the course! Your latter will be greater than your past (Haggai 2:9).

Yesterday, my husband and I ended our busy day by talking with a close friend who has through go many rounds of radiation. Some would say, “Why me?” However, his response was, “Why not me!” That stirred something up in me! Perspective! Lord, why not me! I’m yours! You said that you’ll never leave or forsake me, so if this is the cross I must bear then let’s do this!

You can trust that God has the absolute best plan for your life. Matthew 6:8 promises, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” He has every one of your needs sorted out. He will provide for you perfectly. You can trust him with your life and know that your job, family, and circumstances will be better in the capable and loving hands of God. Devote your health, time, job, money, and relationships to him that they might be filled with the blessing of God.

As I head to the neurosurgeon this week, I’m confident that God will sit right beside me with the next plan of action for my health. I don’t walk in fear but with tremendous faith. My husband is not allowed to come with me due to this horrible Covid, but the God of all comfort will be right there.

Be encouraged! It’s time to walk by faith, not focusing on what you do not see but fixing your eyes on what was promised to you!

10 thoughts on “It’s Time”

  1. How encouraging this devotional is today! We can have a “Why Not Me?” attitude when we know Our God is BIG, STRONG, & MIGHTY and will NEVER leave our side!! Thank you for sharing

  2. Elizabeth S. Quiñones

    You said you’d never leave or forsaken me…Love this post! Keeping you in prayer that all goes beyond well with your Dr.’s visit! One Love!

  3. Lord did I need to read this today. Had a bad experience this morning. After reading this, it was my much needed reminder that no matter how unfairly some can treat you, our God has us in his hands and is right with us, especially in our despair. Thank you for this post. I truly praise God for it and for you, always encouraging us.

    1. Praise God!! It’s not always the easiest but we know that God is a healer and a deliverer. Some days are better than others and it’s awesome when God sends His reminders that He’s got us!

  4. Victoria Watkins

    The thought that God had a bigger, better plan for my life has been ever on my mind. After my recent health issues, I know that the Lord has been at my side since the beginning. I know that he will be with you.

  5. Thank you Sister Baker for sharing this good encouraging word! I needed to be reminded of this. Praying for you and Pastor!

  6. Well reading this entry has wiped the rising indignation I felt for my employer clean off my face so I can seek His face.
    Yep, I am reminded to ask for humility when I do not understand and I will now rejoice in my trust and waiting.

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