Holiness or Hell

Holiness or Hell. There is no in-between. I grew up so fearful I was going to Hell. Every time there was an altar call, I would sit in my seat and do 12 Hail Mary’s (Church of God in Christ style). I am not bashing the denomination in which I received my foundation, however, I found myself serving God out of fear and not out of love. I wondered how these people lived a perfect life. I remember this older lady who would testify and say, “You can’t see any spots on my life.” I was like, wow, I’m definitely doomed to hell. Where do people go who have struggles? Do we have to be perfect to make it to Heaven? What if I make a mistake, will Hell be my forever home? Nope! Don’t believe that. 

There’s this thing called grace that God gives every morning. Give your struggles over to God. Conviction is meant to be used as an alarm system that lets you know what you should and should not do. For instance, I felt so justified and warranted to talk about someone who lied on me. I only told my best friend but as I was telling her about the situation, I found myself adding, “and do you know this ‘Cushite’ had the nerve to say this and that and more??” Now, it’s one thing to tell the story but for me to add a derogatory description of the person was petty. I was releasing out of anger and hurt but that didn’t make it right! I had to repent! Who knows, the other person probably feels just as right as I do. I say, let’s reason together and if we can’t do that, it’s time to part ways, but let’s not put our mouths on that person. Things like this can hinder us and the anointing that’s placed on our lives. Let’s keep it moving and not give space to the enemy and chalk it up as a life lesson. Grow from it. That’s the grace factor. So yes, I grew up in the “Holiness or Hell” era, but we should work in the grace component before dooming people to Hell. God’s desire is that none would perish so that’s why He extends grace. He’s the God of love, mercy and kindness. Even in Israel’s wickedness God kept saying, come back to Me. Today is no different, He’s still asking you to come back to Him and receive His grace.

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”2 Peter 3:9

7 thoughts on “Holiness or Hell”

  1. Grace and love is so important to teach…….because it is the Gospel of this dispensation of time that we are living in. I am certain that it frustrates the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to us when we teach otherwise.

  2. Concerned Believer

    Every thing is permissible today. When I was growing up you were able to tell the saints from the non believer. We have become so much like them until it is mind boggling. We can show grace and love but let’s tell them the truth too. We don’t have to become like the world to save the world.

  3. Thank you for that perspective, when adding an unflattering descriptive to someone when relating a hurt, I don’t think many believers who try to live right/righteous think of that, especially in the heat of the moment.

  4. Yess I can relate too when venting turns into bashing. It’s such a fine line that you constantly have to be aware of. Thank God for grace 🙌🏿

  5. Thank You Lord for your Grace and Mercy that we are so undeserving of every day of our lives! Amen! 😘 Thank you for this entry!

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