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Can you actually love your enemies? My response is that it’s very hard because your flesh wants to react to the foolishness, but then who would really win? The enemy. We can’t give in to his agenda, no matter how justified you may feel. When you have a great calling on your life, you can’t afford to allow the distractions. Whether it’s family, or friends, you better hand them over to Jesus with a quickness, pray for them, and release them.

I recently attended a conference and the speaker admonished us to implement the 24-hour rule. Address the situation, talk about it, you may even grieve over it, but when the next day comes, you let it go! Don’t rehearse it, don’t call your BFF to discuss it again because grievous words stir up wrath. The other person may be wrong but it’s also possible that you may be wrong. Try to get it right but if you can’t, dust it off and keep moving forward! I don’t even like toxic people in my space, that’s how serious I am about this walk with Christ. I’m too old now to allow trivial stuff to distract me. I’ve allowed the devil to play with my emotions long enough, but no more! Instead, I’m focusing my attention on what can take me higher in Christ and how I can take more people with me on this journey.

When you cleanse your life, both physically and emotionally, you create space for something bigger and better. I don’t need negative people around me, I can be negative on my own! Find relationships that make you come alive and supported. Surround yourself with positivity and watch God elevate you higher than you ever thought possible.

9 thoughts on “Higher Purpose”

  1. I was praying on this very thing last night in my devotion time. Sometimes it’s hard to let go but it’s soo necessary it order to go after what God has for you.

  2. How do you do this EVERYTIME to me! I am struggling real hard but you are right. I look forward to your devotionals! They hit home and hard! Thank you so much! Please keep being REAL! It is needed! #strugglin!

  3. Brokenness PM (Tennessee)

    I need to practice that 24 hour rule. I’m two years late! I’ve held on to this hurt which has turned into anger. I’ve gone through a nasty divorce and it is so hard! Filing bankruptcy over this and my son is being used, so yeah. I’m not where you are, pray for me. I want God to snatch up this situation and heal what has been so severely damaged. Thank you for sharing -I am finding it very hard to navigate through this one.

  4. Redeemed Daughter (Idaho)

    This is good! Forgiveness is for me not my offender. I learned early to let stuff go! I was adopted and my birth parents I always wanted to know. When I became of age, I searched for them only to find one and they didn’t want to have anything to do with me. I thanked them for giving me two great parents because it is obvious that they would have ruined my life. My forever parents gave me the best gift by introducing me to JESUS. Thank you for this reminder that my purpose and mission is not wrapped up in how people treat me, how I respond is what I will be held accountable for. Love this post. Very inspiring.

  5. Dang. That 24 hour rule is powerful. Especially when walking through a season that has lasted for weeks and promises to last for months to come. The reality is when I allow these feelings to carry forward to the next day, not only do they consume and control me, they pile up. That’s when I start to feel overwhelmed by my circumstances. Instead, I should be beautifully overwhelmed by the grace, strength, and mercy of the One who reigns over my circumstances. The one who calls me into life and blesses each day with mercies anew. I must let yesterday keep its problems, pains, and griefs so that I can fully embrace God’s gifts for THIS day.

    Beautiful post Mom.

  6. I reset daily! Toxic people are forever present but I like you chose to have community with individuals who will affirm and challenge me. Great post!

  7. Your timing is impeccable!! I am a work in progress……just pressing my way……I’m working on that 24 hour rule. That’s good stuff!!

  8. I really like your “kingdom” perspective. You mentioned “ I’m focusing my attention on what can take me higher in Christ and how I can take more people with me on this journey“
    Thank you! I needed to read this today.
    Women of God I need to link up with you and your husband. I may need you to come speak at my church in Baltimore. Your blog was passed along to me and my wife. Let’s connect!

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