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Our life class at my church is always good! My husband mentioned something that took me back to college days when I was a member of a denominational church. This particular person disguised their remarks as helpful suggestions. They claimed to be speaking out of love, but most of their words would hurt and discourage. I bring this up because I feel that hurtful speech has become all too common and especially in the church.
Social media has provided people with an easy way to speak while avoiding accountability and to lash out their disdain and some “christians” have taken the opportunity to post bitter messages. I’m reminded of a time when we experienced a disgruntled member who believed a lay members rant over something and falsely accused us. They took their anger to social media and blasted the ministry and later came to apologize once they realized the truth. 

People will tear you down and invite others to do the same thing. 

I spoke with my oldest sister this week and told her that I was about to be in an uncomfortable environment and she offered something uncomfortably valuable. To summarize what she said-Take the time to get to know the people that tear you down. Get inside their lives, thoughts and emotions. Then pray as specifically as you can about their situation. Reach out to them and help them if you can. This doesn’t mean that you have to be BFF’s with them but kill them with love!

The Bible is overflowing with verses telling us how the only way to know God is by loving others, even our enemies. 

The wonderful, beautiful, message of the gospel is that God loves us and asks us to love in return. There is no room in the body of Christ for a cruel tongue, so guard your words, search your thoughts, and the truth really will be spoken with love.

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  1. Treasy,

    Sharing your TRUTHFUL words and the words of your oldest sister helped make this day even more beautiful!

    I have also come to realize that hurtful speech, people tearing others down, and inviting others to do the same thing have become all too common, especially in the CHURCH.

    The BEST way to handle people using these evil tactics is to use Jesus’ way and the words of your oldest sister, kill them with LOVE!

    I THANK YOU, and LOVE YOU for sharing yours and your oldest sister’s truthful words!

    1. Lady Patrice,

      Thank you so much for your inspiring words of encouragement. I love the transparency in which you share with us. God bless you always. Love, love you!!!

  2. Amen! It’s hard but nescessary. As Christians we’re called to love people. Not only the ones we get along with or enjoy spending time with or the ones that respect us. But also those ones that are spiteful to us, the ones that we know don’t like us but have to uphold an image in a crowd since they’re Christians as well. It’s not easy! But we don’t have to do it alone. We can’t change people but our God can! And that’s why our prayers go up to him so he can pour change down into others.

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