Fly Like A Bird

My husband and I sat in our front room in late December going over our family plan and budget for the next year. As I was taking notes, I started to think, “God how can we do half of what he is envisioning?” At that moment, I just happened to look out my window and God spoke to me through the playful birds eating the berries off my tree.

There had to be 50 or more birds. They flew, melodically like a symphony orchestra. Then they flew away after just a few moments.

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for our Heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? (Matthew 6:26)

Birds don’t have the promises that we have. Birds aren’t promised eternal life. Birds are not created in the image of God. Yet, do birds ever look worried to you? Every morning, like clockwork, they are up at the break of dawn, singing away. Jesus was saying to me, “You see, the birds are fine. You will be fine too. If God takes care of birds, won’t He take care of you?”

That doesn’t mean the birds don’t go out and get their food. Some eat vegetation. Others eat seeds. Some eat fish. The rest hang out at McDonald’s and wait for you to drop your fries. Then there are those thieving birds, the sea gulls, which hang out at the beaches and wait for you to go into the water so they can fly off with your lunch. Birds take care of business, but they don’t worry about it.

If God takes care of the birds, will He not take care of you as well?

I just need to stop getting all in God’s business and keep flying effortlessly. He continues to prove to me that blessings chase after me! Why do we forget this? Why do we get so frazzled in trying to figure everything out? I was reminded of the sacrificial end-of-the-year offering my husband asked the church to give. I gave him my portion early and I have to tell you, it was a sacrifice. I go weekly to get my hair done and I get my nails done often! This is part of my spending budget. It’s my relaxation and pampering time and I enjoy every second of it. But I decided to sacrifice big time! And in that time frame, I ended up receiving a card from and it was filled with money!

The favor and blessings on my life won’t be stopped! If I continue to do my part my daddy keeps reminding me that He’s got me!!!!

Save, sow, shrink debt, spend
IT WORKS! God ain’t no joke! His principles work!

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  1. AMEN! It’s a challenge to remember that when 1 + 1 isn’t adding up to 2, but we must keep our eyes on Him, and He’ll make the math work: out in the end:)

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