Eternal Examination

The greater the investment, the greater the emotional attachment.

I have become extremely intentional with those I invest in, being sure to let them know how important they are to me. Life is only a vapor! We are not promised tomorrow. We are at the end of this month and I’m honestly tired of going to funerals and sick of hearing about people passing! But the reality is, death is a part of life. 

As I think about the ties I have to who and what I invest in, I’m struck by a realization about the things that I treasure. When I think of that word, treasure, my mind immediately goes to people close to me and fond memories I’ve made with loved ones. However, when many people think of that word, the first thing that instantly comes to mind is money, which is a treasure that hypnotizes many into chasing after its false promises and empty security. It can last a lifetime, or it can be gone in an instant. The One who I’m invested in is better than money. The return on what I am investing in is eternal life. We get so caught up in how society measures success. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of this at times and I am quickly reminded that this stuff down here, including life, is so fleeting. For the believer, we put our stock in virtues like compassion, humility, sympathy, generosity and love. This reveals who we really are. These treasures hold lasting values. It’s beyond time for all of us to have our spiritual exam. Just like most of us prepare for our annual physicals, let’s do a spiritual checkup. In doing so, ask yourself this important question: what do I treasure the most? Don’t be pious in your response but truly dig deep and examine yourself. I know that Jesus does not oppose treasures. When He said, “Don’t store your treasures up on earth…,” does it mean that it is wrong for us to own or possess things in this world? Not at all. Jesus is not condemning possessions or ownership or even enjoying what God has provided for us to enjoy on this side of Heaven. Nor is He against saints saving and storing up resources for future needs. If the ant gathers food as mentioned in Proverbs 6: 6-11, how much more are we to do so for our family (1 Timothy 5:8). So, treasures are not wrong. It’s our unhealthy affection toward them that can lead us to dangerous places. Obsessing over our cars, our bodies, celebrities…none of that will matter when you’re gone. In fact, my first thought every time someone passes is where are they spending eternity?

Treasure that we store up in heaven is imperishable. No fire or flood can destroy it, no thief can take it, no moth or rust corrupt it, for it is in safe, protected keeping with God! Where we invest our treasure will determine where we set our affections. It is not so much that our treasure follows our hearts as it is that our hearts follow our treasure. What we invest in displays what we are committed to. The things we treasure tend govern our lives.

I leave you to really ponder this: what are you investing in and what will your return be when you take your final breathe on this side of heaven? 

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  1. This is very timely for me. I just talked with my sons about their eternal investment last night. Kobe Bryant’s passing, although tragic to many, has been a reminder of this very important fact. Only what we invest in Christ will last forever

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