Dress Me

Oh, how I just love fashion! The perfect outfit can make you think, walk, and act differently! The perfect outfit exudes confidence, so begin to wear clothing that makes you feel more optimistic about your body.

I am asked quite often how I got into being a personal shopper and what tips I can offer to budget-conscious people who are struggling with what to wear.

First, use your closet as your own personal thrift store. If you’re working on your weight, or even if you’re pleased with your size, just accentuate the positives. Since I only dress ladies, I always recommend the perfect bra. Get measured and make sure the girls are properly fitted. Find what colors are good with your skin tone. If you don’t know, go to your closet and try on a bunch of tops – the ones that make you glow are winners! If you want a more professional opinion, visit your local upscale department store and ask for a stylist; this is a free service that many are not aware of, so it’s very underutilized.

Personally, I love to layer. As a plus size lady, it makes me feel more comfortable to have my flawed areas covered. Plus, modesty is more appealing than flaunting all the goods. Just because an item is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it and it REALLY doesn’t mean that it’s meant for you or your body type. Invest in good-fitting camisoles and T-shirts in a range of neutrals (white, black, gray, brown, navy and nude). This is so important, I put this up there with wearing the perfect bra.

Build your wardrobe around neutral, foundational pieces and add the drama with your statement pieces such as jewelry, handbag and shoes!

Your physical beauty should reflect your inner beauty. What good is it to dress up on the outside if you’re nasty on the inside? Someone should be able to look at your outside demeanor wherever you go and be able to tell you represent Jesus. You can still be fashionable and holy.

Just remember you are a beautiful work of art. Display yourself as God’s masterpiece by working on the negatives and accentuating the positives.

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