I just have to share this! The eve of my 53rd birthday didn’t go according to my plan! I was supposed to return from a trip with my baby girl only to leave the next morning and head out of town with my husband for my birthday celebration. Well, things took a turn, a turn for the worse! The enemy hit me and my family hard. I try so hard not to vent with my girlfriend, mentor, and confidant. She’s mega busy and I don’t want to be that friend, the one who is a toxic dumping site. I was overwhelmed, frustrated and wanted to just get in my car and drive until the gas ran out! So, I decided to email her with my woes. She always, I mean, ALWAYS, has the right words of comfort and advice. I had to share with you her comforting words:

Sometimes, at the start of a TV announcement we hear, “This is only a test…” That’s what I hear in my spirit, “This is only a test!” 

Girl, you think the Devil is going let you and your daughter go out of town on your mother-daughter trip, where she had a blessed blast, and not act a fool about it? Heavens, no!!! He wants to try you on every hand. You know he’s a thief, who comes ONLY to steal, kill, and destroy.

Look at what you’re dealing with right now. His evil fingerprints are all over it, you know he loves confusion, interference, drama, etc. You come home to enjoy your birthday and get away with your hubby, but the enemy ran interference!

 Honey, Chapter 53 is starting with a BANG!!! This is about to be one heaven of a page turner. Don’t waste your precious time stewing and fuming over what the Devil’s doing. He’s doing his job—harassing the saints and using whatever he thinks he can. BUT he’s already defeated, cast down, and wroth…because he knows his time is short.

Honey, I’d return the favor—make him mad through your radical praise! It’s time to celebrate, sing unto the Lord, praise the One who causes ALL things to work together for our good and His glory!

This may even be the beginning of a story you can use in the future. Who knows? God certainly does. Honey, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get your praise on – anoint your family and let God show you how to overcome despite the seeming setbacks. Girl, He’s teaching you and coaching you.

Girl, you ALREADY got the victory! Put on your birthday big girl panties and do the dang thing. Put on the full armor of God. Put on the garment of praise. Put on your crown and remind yourself Who you belong to. The King of Kings, Lord of Hosts, Most High God, Savior of the world, Holy Spirit, a great cloud of witnesses, and I are all rooting for you!

It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday. So, Satan tried to crash your party. Girl, kick that joker out and let the good times roll. I know y’all been put through and left all hot and bothered. But this is a new day! New mercies! God’s grace is still sufficient! He’s got this!

I honestly thought she would help me sulk and tell me it’s ok, go on and cry…nope! She gave it to me straight and I immediately felt joy despite what my family was going through! Get you a friend who will fight with and for you! Not one who will say what you want them to say, but one who will push you to your victory! I hope this encouraged you! It did for me! And her birthday gift to me was THEE BEST EVER!!!!!! I love you Lady M! You’re one in a million!

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  1. Continue to fight the good fight of faith and remember: If it were easy everybody would be doing it!

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