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Today I was looking forward to having my home packed wall to wall with people in celebration of July 4th. However, my body told me otherwise. I reluctantly canceled the festivities because my husband suggested I rest. I have to admit, he was right. Since I’ve had such a huge change of plans, I decided to actually reflect on what today represents. When you think about July 4th, what comes to mind?  Is it cookouts, fireworks, and those red, white, and blue flags displayed in front yards along your neighborhood?

These are all good, but what comes to my mind is freedom.

People can say what they want about The United States of America but I’m glad to live where we can voice our opinions freely and can vote for the people of our choice. These are very good reasons why we should never take our freedom for granted. The flag means a lot to me because of those in my family who have been in wars. I can recall in 1991, when my brother-in-law served our country in the Gulf War, I left my flag hanging for many months until he returned back to the U.S.

Because of his contributions, as well as the service of many others, I proudly displayed the flag.

Have you thought about the American flag and all that it stands for? This emblem of the greatest nation on earth is placed on graves of our honored dead who fought for us to remain free. No, we don’t live in a perfect country and I see room for much improvement, but, I tell you, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I am proud to be an American. But more than celebrating freedom on one designated day, we can use every day of the year to display our freedom in Christ, by living to glorify Him so His banner of love can be seen by all. It is a flag flown high by living a Godly life.

Romans 8:2 says, “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus made me free from the law of sin and of death.” 

Just like the American Flag represents freedom, Jesus is a banner over us, protecting and shielding us. He is the “Glory and the Lifter of our heads” at all times. Let freedom ring out in your heart every day, not just on July 4th. Enjoy yourself and be safe!

10 thoughts on “Banner of Love”

  1. Great thoughts. You writings are worth the read sweetheart! I enjoy each one of your reflective entries. Continue to bless the readers with your thoughts and transparency.

  2. Amen sis, even though I’m going to miss your cooking and having fun around your family and friends I would rather you get the rest that your body needs, there will be other events coming up and we will spend time together, like the church picnic.

    1. Barb, your pastor made the executive decision for me to postpone the celebration and I’m glad I listened. I’m looking forward to the picnic!

  3. Timothy Baker

    This is a word in season for me. God bless you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

    1. Tim, I vividly remember when you were away in the war, that flag endured the harsh Indiana weather but I refused to remove it until you touched USA soil. I have that flag in a ziplock bag and replaced it with a new one but that one was special to me. I’ve had many relatives in the military but at that time I had never known anyone but you who was fighting for our country. I know people in my family who are struggling with the flag or USA per-say but as challenging as it may be at the time and I believe in the power of prayer for change! There is NO country I’d rather live! I’m glad that my post caused you and others to reflect. Bless you and your family (love your son’s by the way! totally awesome guys it was a joy to have them at our home)

  4. Josephine Brown

    Love this post and it is especially true with what’s happening in our country today.

  5. Sis I’m glad Pastor Darryl suggest you rest because you’re always doing so much. (busy) I love that you share your thoughts. I feel the same with a lot men in my family that fought in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War.

  6. I am so glad to be Americans and more of all a child of the most high God thanks so much for your Reminder

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