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This most unfortunate season has begun- the harsh reality that my parents are old! Whether or not we’re ready for it-the time has presented itself.

Caring for my mom is not a burden, it’s an honor! I remember the sacrifices she has made for me, especially throughout my adult years.  My heart pounded furiously, like a time bomb waiting to explode. The pressure in my head was almost unbearable. The invisible weight on my chest felt like someone dropped a sledgehammer on me. They rolled mom into the operating room.

 But right before they did, I was allowed the privilege from my father to be chosen as one of the two family members allowed to go into the prep room with her. When the doctor told mom that this would be a very difficult surgery and explained the risks involved, I watched fear encompass her face. In that moment I felt extremely protective. I stood by her bed and began to quote a scripture, rubbed her head and prayed for her, and kissed her so many times. I reassured her that she’s in the best capable hands, God’s hands! I told her to rest and think only on good things! (Philippians 4:8) Though God does not like to see His children sad or in pain, He knows that having difficult experiences is a powerful way to learn and grow. It stinks but people get sick! For the first time in my life I witnessed my mom cry. She’s such a strong woman and I’ve never seen her in so much pain. She’s pretty much been a healthy woman (other than arthritis).As I waited for my mom’s surgery to end, the prayer that came to mind was this: God, you are my mama’s Shepherd. I know you will lead her beside quiet places and restore her body. I trust you, help me to welcome this time not as an interruption in my schedule, but as an opportunity to draw strength and nourishment for the journey ahead. You are my mama’s Healer and the greatest Physician. I look to You and give thanks for the promises in your Word that assure me of Your presence and Your help. I ask that You perform supernatural healing! Teach mom what You want her to learn during these unpleasant times. And when You’ve restored her health, give her wisdom on how to treat her body as the temple of Your Spirit. I’m so eager for her to be back on her feet, serving You, but also praying that even in sickness she can still draw near to You. I rebuke depression and defeat. I pray over her mind and her thoughts and ask for complete healing in Jesus Name! 
I am thankful that my mom recovered well from her surgery. I will never ignore her call.  I am speaking at a Women’s Luncheon-The theme is-Give her her flowers while she yet lives. I could not help but to reflect on my experience with my mom not even a year ago.Caring for aging parents is both a responsibility and a privilege. Though it can be challenging, the gift you give them by making their lives easy and comfortable is a concrete way to thank them for all the love they have given you in your life.

Caring for them is a reflection on whether we believe what we read about in the Bible (i.e. Your care for others is the measure of your greatness. Luke 9:48)

Time moves on and parents grow old.  It is a sobering reality of life. 

 God commanded us to ‘honor your father and your mother.’ To honor them means to take care of their physical needs. It also means to take care of their emotional needs. They need to feel loved and included, not made to feel like they’re a burden. It means making those phone calls, making those visits, making them feel that they are an important part of your life. Do it while you can. 

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  1. Darlene Liddell-Smith

    Tear-jerker!! But, yes, time moves on and we grow old. A REAL sobering reality of life. BUT, GOD!!! So inspiring and motivational. I love the God in you and how you allow him to use you. You are helping people all the time, even when yo don’t know it. I love you, girl — always have. You have so much to offer for the Kingdom of God!

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