One Life to Live

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We only pass this way one time, so it’s important to believe that God is always up to something good. You’re not wasted space on earth unless you choose to waste the space you’re in. Your mark is invaluable. I often find myself writing about how I want to be remembered after my time expires here on earth. I just really want God to be so proud of me, don’t you?

Individual moments in your life do not define who you are as a person – it’s a compilation of numerous moments that make up our lives. Imagine we are each a little package. Inside this package, every corner is filled with great promises, beautifully wrapped in the purest of grace. We can delight in the process, face challenges head on, and walk in joy (a.k.a live our lives to the fullest) or we can squander time and complain at every turn (a.k.a live a wasted life). We have one life to live, let’s not waste it! 

I just finished listening to a podcast from a lady who suddenly passed last year. She stated that our lives are gifts to be shared. Can you imagine that everyday encounters are gifts given from one to another? I’ve always said that for my birthday (which happens to be the last day of this month), I want to pass out gifts to people instead of receiving gifts for myself. Well last year I did just that! I gave out designer purses, designer shoes, money, food, etc. I did 31 days of giving and it made me feel amazing! Every time someone thanked me, I thanked God. For those who know me, it’s obvious that my love language is giving! I look for ways to give, but after that’s all said and done, the only applause that’s most important and valuable is from the Giver of all gifts. So, while I have this one life to live, I endeavor to go hard in the paint! 

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  1. Mable Seats

    Thanks for letting us know we only have one life ,do all the good we can. Serve God and love his people

  2. PD

    “One life to live, twill soon be past; only what we do for God will last!”
    (Author Unknown)

  3. Sarah

    As I get older, I think more often about what will be my mark in life, how will I be remembered. I have concluded that whatever that ‘mark’ or memory will be, I am going to LIVE each day. As I celebrate my daughter’s birthday today, I encourage her to do the same thing because the world is hers. God has equipped us.

  4. Josephine Brown

    So true and very well said

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