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I am so thankful that you take time out of your busy day to read about me! I decided to send my journals out to prayerfully bless others! Many of you I know but there are just as many of you who I don’t know since my journals are forwarded to many individuals. I’m super excited that they have been a blessing to you. Your feedback is phenomenal! I decided to introduce myself and let you know who God’s Girl Treasyb is! I will give you a glimpse of who I am today describing one of my many job descriptions! I spend a lot of time writing and shopping. I’ve made both a huge part of my life and career. Both are therapeutic for me but, above both, I love God more than anything. The time spent with Him gives me irreplaceable joy! It is because of Him that I am able to live my life on purpose and with purpose! I feel free to express myself by the way I dress, not ever putting myself in a box. I dress to impress me. God has given each of us different interests and passions – all of us are called to be good at what we do and to proclaim his word out in the world. If yours is fashion, then go hard with it. I think anything can become sinful if it is used in an inappropriate manner. Our appearance is important, but it must not become an idol. I’ve turned my passion into my purpose and my ministry is to help others find that as well. My love for fashion dates back to grade school.  One of the pleasures of life and escapes was retail therapy-clothes helped me enjoy my life a little more since I was extremely sheltered. Having grown up working in my parents businesses we didn’t have much of a social life-our outlet and sense of enjoyment was shopping! I discovered my strongest passion early.  I realized that God loves every part of our creative hearts and wants us to feel beautiful. I was excited to receive the best dressed award my senior year of high school especially since I was only allowed to wear skirts and dresses. I longed to wear pants but that was of the devil (smh). It’s really sad that some feel like Jesus and style are like oil and water! You can have style and Jesus! My parents were thee best dressed and I mirrored what I saw in them! They passed down that anointing! For me Fashion and Faith was a childhood thing-You can’t join in, you have to be born in it! I embrace both but more as I grew older. It’s an anointing and a calling! When I look good I feel more confident!

Recently I was asked by one of our newest church members “Do you work” I laughed as I answered their curious question. As I began to share what I do, they became exhausted at the creative ways I find to make money. (Proverbs 31) One that I love and would do it if I never made a dime from, is being a personal shopper! It’s the absolute perfect job for where my gifting lies. I’m a huge giver and encourager and I’m good at helping my clients feel good by looking their best! Some of my clients know what they want so I just honor their request while others ask for my advice. For those I do a closer analysis to find out what dominate colors they have and why they’ve chosen them. I sometimes suggest to them what colors look good on them and would enhance their natural God-given coloring. How to dress up to many different body shapes -it’s important to make the body look balanced and proportionate. I self-identify as a fashion girl and I need retail therapy! Why? Because-1. It strengthens my creativity2. It helps me become more mentally organized3. It helps me aspire for better things. 4. It is extremely relaxing & exhilarating5. It exercises smart spending  As a personal shopper the advantage of having this wonderful job is that most of my clients don’t have time to shop and or don’t like to shop. The reason they don’t like to shop is that they feel like they look terrible in whatever they pick out and then they feel awful about themselves. When I step into my closet I can describe my fashion as whimsical classic. I love Jackie O (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis) As well as Michelle Obama’s glorious diversity with color and fashion. 
it is my hope and prayer that I reach someone in some way. Maybe my testimony will offer the importance of resiliency and tenacity. It is my ultimate aspiration that my readers feel encouraged, enlightened and maybe humored at times. Read my divergent changes as I journal my life past & present. I invite you to grow with me. So welcome to the journey.

5 thoughts on “It’s Me God’s Girl Treasyb”

  1. Darlene Liddell-Smith

    Go, Grow and Glow — it’s wonderful journey; one that is NOT sinful!!! (tee-hee)

  2. Pamela Davie

    Sister! So excited about this new platform for you to share your ideas, desires and experiences serving in your purposes. Enjoy💞

  3. Lady Patrice, I am super excited about this blog. You have always shared and blessed us women of God. I love that you can now reach so many others through your wonderful blog!! It is so AWESOME. I love that the things you share are so applicable to my life. Thanks again for being the beautiful Proverbs 31 lady that you are!

  4. Yvonne {Boobie} Thomas

    First Lady you are exactly what I think of when I think of a Proverbs 31 woman!!! You have beautiful style and the beautiful personality and heart to match!!! I am so happy to see you sharing you with the world, cause you got something in there that world needs to hear!!!

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